Evan Welle

CFP® Wealth Management Advisor

“After Graduating from college in Financial Management in 2013, I spent nearly two years in corporate finance. The work was driven by quick deadlines and short-term results, which was at odds with the purpose-filled career I wanted. I began speaking with industry professionals, friends and family, and those conversations sparked my curiosity around personal finance and investing. In fact, I ended up being introduced to Tealwood by my now colleague, Wendy Bennis, while visiting her sugar shack to buy homemade maple syrup. 

Craving more out of my career as well as always having had an analytical mind and interest in finance led me to a profession I find fulfilling. Now, my work centers on partnering with clients to achieve the long-term goals that fulfill their lives.”   

Evan earned a Financial Management degree from the University of St. Thomas, worked as a financial analyst, then joined Tealwood in 2014. Evan obtained his Chartered Financial Planning (CFP®) accreditation from the College of Financial Planning in 2019. In addition to his role as an Investment Advisor, Evan is an active participant on Tealwood’s investment committee.

Evan is an avid musician and loves to travel. He enjoys playing guitar and other instruments, as well as either singing with his band or solo around the Twin Cities. He also likes checking out the Minneapolis food scene and experiencing great food on his travels.