What is the purpose of your money?

To educate. Create a legacy. Build a business. Retire to  something
instead of from  something. See the world. Enjoy a quiet life.

Success is individual

As a fiduciary and your financial advocate, we commit our investment expertise and experience to you.
Together we work to customize a plan to achieve all that is possible for you and your family.

We are dedicated to creating lifetime success for our clients.

Why Tealwood?

Since 1986, we have managed our clients’ financial health, enjoying each step along the way.
Like you, we derive joy from  what we do well. What defines our work is you.
Our relationship with you becomes our most remarkable point of difference.

Being engaged in a better conversation

Receiving the attention you deserve

 Working together in collaboration

Focusing on your success

Enjoying education and lifestyle events

Are You in Alignment?

We help our clients align their investment strategy with their values and priorities to help them live with the greatest intention. We are grateful to our clients for entrusting us with this important work. Because of them, we have the privilege of doing what we love.  Our structure seats us on the same side of the table as you.


The freedom to serve you with tailored investment advice.

As a simple percentage of assets managed – easy and transparent.
The highest standard of care, always placing your interests first.
Institutional custodians provide a separate layer of protection.

Personalized attention and customization you deserve.

Let's Have a Conversation

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