Strategic Investing

Investing in a dynamic environment calls for an attentive and active strategy. A focus on Strategic Investing helps maintain a disposition of being above the fray. It embodies a holistic investment philosophy that is relevant across market conditions.

Following years of research, Dr. Brian Bushee of The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, identified three types of institutional investors: 61% as Quasi-Indexers (market replicators), 31% as Transients (tactical traders) and only 8% as Dedicated Investors, which provide stable ownership in individual companies.

Dedicated Investors are deeply focused on individual security selection, manage more concentrated, high conviction portfolios, and on average have lower rates of portfolio turnover. We resonate with each aspect of the Dedicated Investor, and with being long-term strategic business investors.

Rigorous and independent research allows us to identify quality businesses selling at a fair value. In addition to our proprietary screening of business fundamentals, among other criteria and elements our approach also includes immersion in historical data, analysis of sector and category opportunities, as well as understanding a company’s strategy and competitors. We know the companies we decide to own.

A high level of customization is possible given our multiple, distinctive strategies. These strategies can be used together to create a personalized asset allocation plan that best ensures your investments are working to serve your specific needs and goals.

“For us it all starts with doing the right thing. Every day, every time. Period.”