What is the Purpose of Your Money?

To live boldly. To create a legacy. To educate. To enjoy a quiet life. To see the world. To build a business. To advocate for and support the causes you have a passion for. To retire to something instead of just from something.  Success is individual. Together, we can work to achieve all that is possible for you.

A Strategy All Your Own

It is about the confidence that you can have enough and the experience of making progress. In providing Private Investment Counsel, we help you wrap your arms around your complete financial picture. Creating then monitoring progress and adjusting your purpose-based investment plan through the years is one important piece.


Understanding what’s important to you, informs how your assets can contribute to your security values, lifestyle, and legacy.


Together we develop a plan that encompasses your priorities.


Our personal attention and communication provides focus for your long-term success.

Integrating with Your Financial Team

Creating a customized, purpose-driven investment strategy is one important piece of your financial life plan. A host of other considerations can impact your financial picture, which is why we act as a resource for and work in coordination with other members of your financial team in the following areas:

Retirement Planning        |        Tax Planning        |        Education Planning        |        Estate Planning        |        Business Concerns        |        Philanthropy

“Developing an individualized plan creates confidence and conviction that resonates across all areas of one’s life.”