Owners Forum Brings Business Insights to Life

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Owners Forum Brings Business
Insights to Life

Todd Krough, Tealwood Asset Management
October 2019

The third annual Owners Forum hosted by the Exit Planning Institute, of which I am Steering Committee Member, ACG Minnesota, AM&AA, and Club E, drew over 100 business owners. They were seeking sound advice from experts who’ve gone before them and support from peers who are navigating the opportunities and challenges in similar stages of business growth or transition.

Over the course of the day at the University of St. Thomas’ Minneapolis Campus, there were four TED-style talks, two three-person owner’s panels, a keynote lunch presentation and seven breakout sessions. The resounding themes were around creating a healthy support system for business and life transitions and ongoing conversations; and the real and weighty emotional aspects of what is often handed to business owners as black and white, contractual and emotionless business decisions and processes.

Another avenue into these topics was owners sharing their stories, which they did with vulnerability in describing hard truths and lessons learned from success, failure, or experience. Many of the speakers were brought up in their family’s business or founded their own business where they invited family in. So yes, the conversations were personal and could be emotional. 

It was an honor to be involved in organizing this event, along with Rick Brimacomb, Chris Cuneo, Julie Keyes, Joshua Kluver, Dyanne Ross-Hanson and Nicki Vincent. At the conclusion of the #OwnersForum2019, the success of pulling the day’s content together so intentionally was acknowledged and celebrated. The talks, panels and sessions provided tremendous insight and value, and all appreciated the candidness and honesty of sharing throughout the event. 

Todd Krough
is a Private Wealth Advisor at Tealwood Asset Management with over 32 years’ experience in the investment industry. He is a Steering Committee Member of the Exit planning Institute, on the board of directors for the Minneapolis Rotary, and serves on the Gustavus Adolphus College Alumni Board. www.tealwood.com