Checking in on Your Investment Voice

Dividing and conquering the many aspects of managing our lives, families, households, careers, interests, etc. can make sense. Consciously assigning responsibilities – who takes the lead around which aspects – may be based on the principal of highest and best use, time constraints/availability, and a host of other considerations. These are highly personal, individualized choices for each family, framed by unique sets of circumstances.

Inertia finds strength in longstanding defaults and busy schedules. So as circumstances evolve, family members mature, and interests and availability shifts, it is important to our family’s financial health to check in with ourselves, our spouses, and ultimately the next generation about any changes in roles that may need to be made.

For a family member who has not previously been as dialed into the investment dialogue, a desire and willingness to begin joining the conversation in a larger way may be  overshadowed by natural emotions around not knowing as much (and feeling they should know more), being outside their usual area of interest or topical comfort zone. Starting from wherever they are, we welcome being part of supporting anyone wanting to more actively participate.

In encouraging greater involvement, the goal is to find ways to connect and engage, present information in a manner that is approachable, and build confidence via increased knowledge. This does not mean becoming an investing expert. The process is one of identifying resources that provide fundamental information and education over time; to develop a comfort level with core investment principals and philosophies, and have a meaningful understanding of their individual investment strategy. We can provide a number of opportunities to learn more, including one-on-one meetings, monthly private strategy briefings, newsletters, webcasts, reading lists, writings, etc. Let us know how we can best help you further develop your investment voice.