May 2023: Mid-Quarter Update: The Intelligent Investor Now

Click below for a mid-quarter update webcast

Click the link below to tune in to the recorded mid-quarter update in which you will see and hear Tealwood’s CEO and CIO, Charlie Mahar, give a prepared presentation on a variety of topics dominating today’s current events. This is a fantastic way for you to stay connected and get a better understanding of Tealwood’s perspective on all the noise surrounding rising interest rates, region bank stress, the specter of the debt limit negotiations, and many other topics that provide the purveyors of doom and gloom with reasons for you to deviate from being a rational investor. We want to be sure we are addressing your thoughts and questions on the portfolio so please follow up with any questions you have. We always consider these presentations as conversations starters, reach out to your advisor and continue the conversation on any number of the topics presented.

Mid-Quarter Update