Strategic Income

Tealwood’s Strategic Income portfolio is a unique strategy for income-oriented investors.

We invest strategically across asset classes in pursuit of the best opportunities to fulfill our objectives at income and appreciation. Other income-oriented portfolios are built to be asset class specific – that is, they invest exclusively in just bonds, convertibles, or dividend paying stocks.

Our strategy affords us the flexibility to make adjustments over a range of market conditions. This flexibility provides us with a structural advantage over other income-oriented portfolios that are built to focus more narrowly on a single asset class.

The Importance of Current Yield

In the current environment of more modest returns from financial assets, we believe that capturing a significant portion of your return in the form of yield is all the more important. Above and beyond our income objective, we seek to manage portfolio risk through diversification, a value-oriented investment discipline and asset allocation while making a concerted effort to diversify by asset class and sector.