Small- and Mid-Cap

The Small- and Mid-Cap portfolio seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in quality mid and small businesses at discounted prices. Our systematic and proven investment discipline of Value and Quality has provided our clients with consistent and constructive results since its inception in 1995.

This portfolio is best suited for those investors who are seeking long-term capital appreciation, the benefits of small- and mid-cap value as a core asset class, and a long-term relationship with their investment manager.

Using quantitative and qualitative measures, we reduce the universe of possible investments to a manageable list for evaluation. Only after thorough due diligence and discussion with the Investment Committee do we build a new position. Typically, our Small- and Mid-Cap portfolio will include 30-35 companies. Historically, we have found that mid- and small-cap companies have offered superior returns. We search the universe of stocks within this sector and evaluate them based on our time tested discipline.